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Offering the Best Ideas and Techniques for Wedding Scrapbooks

If you are putting together a wedding scrapbook or planning on scrapbooking in general you've probably got your Cricut ready and an assortment of colored paper, stickers, scissors, stamps and cutouts. What was once a task for the casual crafter has become an art combining the creativity of the scrapbooker and a large investment of scrapbooking tools and products.

Feeling overwhelmed with scrapbooking?

I've got you covered. I'm Amanda Hanley, and I've written this blog to cover not only the definitions of tools of the trade, but I also provide money-saving tips centered around creating a perfect, elegant scrapbook on a budget. Design and layout ideas don't have to be complicated, and a practical approach creates clean pages without the costs involved with heavy scrapbooking.

Are you a scrapbooking aficionado?

If you've already mastered the craft of scrapbooking, I've also got you covered. New designs, Cricut patterns, stamp technology, and everything trending is covered on this blog. You will not create a wedding scrapbook that isn't up to speed with current trends if you review the posts on this site.

The importance of memories

Whether you are an amateur scrapbooker or a dyed-in-the-wool scrapbook designer, you are drawn to scrapbooking  because you understand the importance of capturing memories. The moment that two people join their lives together warrants documentation, as it is one of the many highlights of life. Capturing it through photography is essential, but placing those photos in an environment that fits the theme of the day allows for the event to be relived over and over again with each turn of the page.

The right design and detail creates a vivacious and visceral realism to memories that cannot be created through smartphones and photos alone. The scrapbook allows for a tactical recollection of that special day.

Scrapbooking community

Because of the value of scrapbooking, the people who do it have created a community where they share ideas, themes, and techniques to recreate that special day. Sharing ideas has resulted in phenomenal representations of events to the extent that a viewer can imagine being there.

An avid scrapbooker has a cabinet supplied with an amazing assortment of tools to create intricate scrapbook designs. If this is not you, don't worry. We have solutions for those who don't have access to the entire arsenal of tools available. This site is meant to educate all levels of scrapbookers in an activity which we all feel is important in order to create lasting memories.